About Us

Konsyg is here to assist organizations in their pursuit towards sustainable revenue. We do this through our extensive experience in end to end sales, pipeline generation, sales function consulting and direct sales leadership.

Founded in 2017 by ex-Google sales and knowledge manager William Gilchrist, Konsyg set itself out to recruit the best and brightest minds within the global sales industry to build a standalone salesforce to scale technology across multiple markets. Gilchrist quickly teamed up with ex-Coldwell Banker and former CEO of Synergy Solutions Joseph Flaten to build out the operations to make this standalone sales army a reality. Since our inception, we have taken multiple companies from Seed to Series A funding, and have generated tens of millions of dollars in direct sales revenue for our clients.


Konsyg was built from seeing gaps in sales processes and leadership across a myriad of organizations; companies continuously hiring over-priced and inexperienced sales leadership and becoming trapped in the ever ending cycle of "hoping" for the ROI


Venture Capital firms rarely include sales experience during their CEO investor assessments. The majority of the CEOs we have interacted with either do not have experience in sales and/or have never built or run a sales force. (We have also found that 93% of our CEOs have mostly engineering or finance backgrounds)


People tend to think that understanding the complexities of building a sales function is a simple process due to closing “a few deals” during the early stages of their business. In reality, most haven’t experienced the mastery of developing a sales department. We have found this mindset trend to be common throughout a variety of company sizes from startup to large enterprise.

Lack of Experience

Unrealistic Expectations

The idea of sales funnels and true sales cycles are often misunderstood. Sustainable sales develop over the course of 12- 24 months in most cases depending on your industry and regional focus. Buying patterns in the market also vary depending on culture and local purchasing power.


Most business leaders tend to have unclear understandings of their conversion rates and are often held to unrealistic Expectations from their investors leading to unproductive pressures on their sales and marketing resources. You can not simply “push” a sale to happen, you must develop a funnel and ensure proper sales activities are happening day by day resulting in revenue. The only measurable elements of a sales department is in its activity levels, not in the revenue it delivers week on week. Measuring activity first will bring out broader data points on the sellability of a product and its market response.

Product Market Fit (PMF) is based on actual market response and not the aspirational vision of the company. What is assumed to fit within specific markets at times might not gain traction due to factors not originally seen by the creators. In the event there is a misalignment in PMF, it is important to either adjust the scope of the product, or pivot to a different target market. The most common mistake is forcing products in markets where there isn’t a clearly defined demand.

Lack of Product Market Fit (PMF):

Resistance to change

At times businesses have an ideal, untested vision of how they believe their products or services will perform within the market. When this story does not play out in the manner they have envisioned, denial begins. The first reaction often becomes blaming departments for underperformance before considering a need for a drastic pivot.


Konsyg ensures a full transparency feedback loop in order to give you a “real” analysis of how your product is performing globally.

Most sales departments are trained in product, and very rarely on how to sell it. Sales trainings generally consist of initial introductory trainings for a few days and then expectations are set to deliver. Even experienced sales representatives require an ongoing sales methodology training to ensure that best sales practices and habits are being executed. Konsyg delivers a global sales training regiment for all campaigns with internal sales teams in place.

Lack of Training